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ABC Cables
On this site you can find all types of computer cables plus Firewire, USB, Cat5e, Cat6, Coax, Fiber, IEEE, SCSI, Case, internal and external cables accessories. Free shipping on all orders.

Cedge Computers
Cedge specialises with the sale of hardware and especially the servicing of computer systems and networks. They have serviced thousands of computers to an incredibly high standard that always goes a step further than the customer expects and worked with numerous companies, large and small, and have provided a friendly, rapid response and competitively priced service.

Computer Accessories Manufacturer
Braemar International Networks is a leading computer accessories manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes monitor filters, computer bags, storage systems, anti-static dustcovers, keyboards.

Computer Parts USA
Computer Parts USA offers the latest computer hardware at the lowest prices, always in stock! From cpu's to motherboards, get top-quality parts at warehouse discounted prices.

DONZ Multi Screen Monitors
DONZ multi-screen manufactures multiple screen TFT LCD flat panel computer monitors and display systems for trading floors, security monitoring, graphic design, architecture, audio video and multimedia editting, advanced computer users, and virtual reality applications.

Displaytronix offers a service to repair flat panel display screens with high intrinsic value such as those used in laptop computers and high definition TV. Displaytronix offers a full range of cost-effective service solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), third-party maintainers (TPMs), multivendor service organizations, self-maintainers, contract manufacturers, leasing companies, retailers, and extended warranty providers.

Display Division
Display Division offers gas plasma monitors and videowalls and LCD projectorsfrom Fujitsu, NEC, Pioneer, Viewsonic, Clarity and Mitsubishi. Provides today's integrated digital solution for all your display and presentation needs with the display industry's latest technology.

Hexus UK Technology News and Reviews
Hexus, the largest UK hardware news and reviews site. Forums, CPU database, and more. Within just over 3.5 years Hexus has grown to be the largest UK hardware site and has had comments about its size in Taiwan and also all over the world.

HardwareCentral is the hardware information resource on the 'Net. Featuring over 600 pages of hardware information, including advice on system optimization, troubleshooting information, feature articles, reviews, general data and more, it more than satisfies your need for hardware content.

IT and PC Hardware News
IT and PC hardware news from a different perspective. Offers hardware and software news, reviews, forums, and more. OCworkbench collects information from our users at several different points on our website.

Monitor Warehouse
Shop for monitors CRT monitors, computer monitors, LCD monitors and plasma displays. Monitors for Mac and PC for all sizes, also carries LCD-flat panel displays. Make your choice by type, by size and by brand type.

Monitor on Sale
Monitor on Sale is a distributor of computer monitors. Here you can find new and refurbished monitor for sale. Monitor on Sale buy products direct from manufacturers, not distributors.

Triangle Laptops
Site offers refurbished laptop parts, accessories and systems. Here you can find quality Dell and IBM laptop parts and accessories, including a wide range of replacement keyboards, AC adapters, hard drives and hard drive caddies, floppy, CD-ROM, and DVD drives and batteries.

TekGear Computer Technology
On the TekGear web site you will find a variety of the market technologies to specialized industrial, medical and military markets. The company presents portable technology for wearable computing needs.

VarTech Systems Inc
VarTech manufactures a wide variety of industrial lcd flat panel displays and ruggedized CRT monitors. Factory floor to extreme environments Vartech has Solutions for demanding applications.

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