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Word Type In Logo Designing

Article by Alice Hopkins

As mentioned in the previous article logos should be made different from others. I also asked you to always remember that a small difference can bring about a big change in logo’s look. I would like to emphasis on my statement this time.

First of all recognize the fact that the logo is not being made for you but people. You know the idea and of course you can clearly see it there in the logo even if it is not there. This indicates that you cannot solely work depending on how you respond to it but take responses from surrounding people to assure you have made something effectively communicating.

Next, try brainstorming. Write down all the important words that you want to describe your logo. Feel free and relaxed to design any thing you feel like. When designing sit the way you feel most relaxed to think deep. Keep the concepts in mind. Concepts here denote the features of the product and the special characteristics of the company that it wishes to represent. This will help in selecting font type and color. Work out on a blank sheet of paper. Using a computer will form a circle around you. You will be conferred to limitations of tool use. Use your PC when designing the logo to make accurate curves and edges.

It is not necessary to make straight fonts. A curve if you wish to be inaccurate can be made so. Make your own type of font. Do not limit your imagination. The word type will throw the actual image. There can be reserved, informal or even weird looks.

Word spacing also plays an important role. How far the letters are changes the look. An exactly equal spacing of a straight font gives a formal and rough look. A curly writing gives a friendly look where letters are placed where they look best. Letters can be joined as well. They can also be merged into one another like in the bubble writing. You can decide to either join their edges or points either merge them.

Make just one letter different from others and see how it adds to the style. For example a T is usually seen vertically elongated giving style to the logo. I is also seen replaced by 1 or small (i). E is often seen upside down. O is written in different curves. Likewise, you can come up with more ideas for your logo.

Adding strokes to the letters will make them bolder and more prominent.

Color usage for logos will depend on your memo. An advanced tech company will prefer bright colors to show its activeness.

Another way to make logos different is to add a background to it or a picture: a picture such that gives evidence of the concept. For example the logo for WWF (world wide fund) presents a Panda picture that illustrates that it serves the wild life. A relevant picture should be selected. If not a picture, add some color to it. Background color may be given in different styles. For instance, a rough paintbrush stroke or a color filled in a shaped box.

So you see how you can bring about a different look to your logo. The techniques are same. The way to use them is variable. Otherwise what do you suggest? Is a COCA-COLA logo made from some special features that you cannot think of? No, not at all.

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