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Logo Fundamentals

Article by Alice Hopkins

A successful logo becomes an identity of the company. It is not necessary that a designed and colored symbol ends up in being a successful logo. Logos have to be made different from others. They need to be obvious and memorable. A logo that is easily recognized by people is a good one indeed.

Often logos are alike except for a little change seen between them. Many logos are made using same colors like Coca-Cola and Canon. Both are written in bright red but both are different. They have different fonts and each has its own distinction.

No matter how much financially strong a logo is, if it does not reflect the features and does not look one in all, it is of no good use. Such logos have to be changed as soon as possible and adversely affect the good will and also the finance. A successful logo reflects the type and feature of the company and/or product.

Logos designed for web pages are a bit different in the sense that their size should be considered as they are to be displayed on screen. They should also have low resolution and their colors used can be within a limited range only (those that your palette consists of). Whereas logos that have to be displayed on billboards and TV can be of any size and color. Those colors should be used then that are user friendly and will be acceptable by most screens and versions. Try to keep file size small as a large one will take time to load. Also that it may appear in bits absent from it, which has a bad effect on the user. What is the use of the logo if it cannot be fully displayed on screen? An unnecessary loss!

Logos should be such that they last forever. Good examples are Coca- Cola and Sony. It is not necessary logos ought to be fashionable because fashion keeps on changing day to day. Logos basically possess unique differentiation like the specially designed C for CANON that makes it unique.

To design a logo you need to have an idea. Your logo should introduce a new image in the market. This can be done by a different font style. Special styles of writing have been made for designing logos. Even if one letter from the entire word is distinctive the entire look changes into a new one. A small line beside or below the logo can reflect your service or quality or any feature you want to highlight.

Logo fundamentals are easy to apply and straight. All you need is time for an idea to make something different. And remember things can be made different by small changes only.

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