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Content Or Content Look?

Article by Alice Hopkins

There is a lot of difference in print and web page outlays, I would like to emphasis a bit over it. It is important to know this difference for the designer otherwise he may face thwarting results.

Unprofessional designers think that print designs would work as perfect on web pages too. This is a blunder that they tend to make. A blunder that is, made due to lack of knowledge.

Let me first of all brief out the differences that are there between the two. A printed page is same everywhere, colors depending on the cartridge and the printer. Whatsoever, web pages differ in size, color and font as well! This is because of varying operating systems, browsers and versions being used worldwide. The only way to reduce the risk of your page destruction is to design pages that are capable of adjustments. Because a page may appear, different on your screen than that appearing on your fellow’s.

Documents like Reports and Formal letters hold sole effectiveness in their content. On the other side of the coin, we have documents like Magazines and Advertisements that do not and cannot only rely on content but context representation effects and attracts in addition.

In early era of computers, coding was done in great length and complications using SGML (standard generalized markup language). Its advanced version that came in with two special features was HTML. It offered writing precise and short codes with the introductory service of on-line deliveries. Then came in the enhancement of blinking words and colored fonts. This time onwards it is of prior importance to design the look of your page.

For the sake of marketing, there is much more added to the content than there usually is. This is unlike in documents like reports. But brochures and ads do need an extension to their content. It is not only the content that has to be good but for making brouchers, ads and posters, there should be a good representation as well.

Whatever we have discussed can be concluded in a few lines. After the introduction of colored fonts and their styles, presentation has become a base. It is not only the content but also the look of your page that inspires people. This is because you are communicating through your page and not face-to-face. It makes a lot of difference. You need to create expression and attract the audience. In addition whether presentation is important or not also depends on your type of article; is it a poster, an application, an ad or what?

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