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Tips To Reduce Download Time

Article by Alice Hopkins

Open XYZ web page. Wait, wait and wait. Opening a page at times becomes too much time consuming. Usually pages with bigger file sizes and more data download slowly. Another reason for so much of time consumption is that may be the server is taking loads of minutes to download a page. All this also depends on the modem’s speed. The most common modem is however the 56k.

Pages having a number of images take a lot of time, as they have to be downloaded from the server to your computer. In order to keep a tight hand on file size, designers should keep graphics and images most advantageous. Their size should be kept normal. They should be saved at a small bit depth.

Some other tricks to make your page download quickly are mentioned here. Download the image on the hard disk in advance. This will save time when the page will actually be requested, as it has already been saved.

If a large file is to be loaded, arrange the lighter pages first and the overloaded data and images to be opened afterwards. This will help save time, meanwhile the user will read or go through the early pages. This will avoid irritation. Another way to keep the user busy for the moments is to give him some other text to read so that he passes his time.

To make the user have patience use progress bars that show how much percentage has been loaded. This keeps the browser in hand. Another tip is to that try your level best to keep text above and graphics or images at the lower end of the page. Through the time being when the upper part of the page will be seen, the graphics could be loaded.

It is not at all difficult to follow the mentioned tricks. Reduce file size, bit depth and offer related texts. Now even if it takes some time to load, the user will not feel the passage of time.

The essence of my words is that when a browser sends a request of a particular page to be presented to him, it takes time to download the page. Using above-mentioned instructions, this time can be shortened. At times, the user gets bored and quits to progress. This is a loss. Isn’t it? If given some other text to read the user may decide to spend his time. This time it is to know human nature, to know how to deal with it.

This does not mean that you can trick him for loads of minutes. Balance your file size as well. Optimization is the best policy to be followed for the above issue.

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