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Designing A Banner Ad

Article by Alice Hopkins

The best approach to make an ad is to go through a web page & observe your response to the ads that follow. Be a surfer for once and you will come to know of the unfortunate fact not known by massive ad makers; most of the ads on web pages are left unnoticed-treated with ignorance and avoided to be concerned of.

Most of the ads, not only online but billboards being a good example tend to add color to the environment more expectedly than marketing the product or service.

Advertising is an art. An ad specifically made for a web page should avoid irrelevancies that might hassle or aggravate the surfer. There ought to be a higher proportion of information as compared to embellished matter. A surfer won’t be urged to buy the product then, but would surely find a reason to make a good choice for himself.

For ads to be given an inquisitive response instead of a mind-numbing, irritated and tedious look, they should be placed on the appropriate page so as to target clients having mutual interests in the advertised product or service.

More importantly, ad placement ‘on’ the web page is also of prior importance. An ad should not act as an obstacle in the mid- way of an article or any commentary. Instead, it should be placed at one edge or top or bottom of the page for the sole reason of not making it block or hinder the users’ progress. This shuns annoyance.

Ads intensely disliked are those that are run for a long time without bringing any changes to them. In doing so ads loose importance because every time a surfer uses the page he receives homogenous message and presentation and thereby, he starts to ignore it.

The first step towards motivation is to provide convenience to the surfer. The only way to make an effective ad is to keep in mind that the user should not be disturbed. Secondly, it should provide with relevant information. Words or phrases used shall not be annoying or time consuming. Precise extracts are preferable.

Advertising is an art …… an art that requires you to be one of the people to watch it before you make one.

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