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Article by Alice Hopkins

Background images and web typography make a large proportion of objectives that add to the visual interest of a page. But again, web designing is a vast subject matter. However designing a page using text and background visual effects is easier now. This can easily be done by Swish, an Australian program, I will brief out later.

Text writing first of all needs a selected font that would be used. Fonts have different appearances on screens and printed pages. They look dark and expansive on a print as the ink spreads on the paper, whereas, fonts give a slimmer image to the eye on screen because their edges merge into the white base.

Fonts that fit into pixel grids should be preferred for screen visuals. Nonetheless, very small background images possess very small pixels and therefore numerous. They consume a lot of time to load.

When designing, it is of importance as well like other factors to keep a balance in the background and the text color. Deep colors like navy blue and blood red seem heavy on screen while light color schemes like sky blue and baby pink have a soothing effect to the eye. One shall manage to maintain an obvious difference in background and text colors. For example, yellow text is not visible on white background. It requires a dark color, as it is itself a light one.

Backgrounds may be made having a range of colors that come under the same family, or, one color changing its depth. One type is to repeat a pixel and see its after effect. Increasing the zoom and drawing a pixel can easily do this. Then by repeating it the effects can be seen and thereby chosen.

Swish offers a lot more than the above matter. It gives text effects that Flash can give and yet, is easier to use. The effects are clearly stated in a menu bar. All you have to do is write the text and make a choice of the effect. The rest work is done by Swish. You may now make any alterations you want in the animation size, zoom size, slide spin and text explosion etc. This is not all; there are hopes for more features as well.

Now, as we have smart programs like Swish, web typography and background setups can be done easily and efficiently. Through these setups we can benefit sales and business. Furthermore we can present our ideas in a broader facet. These things are taken easy but they do confer to success in acts like marketing and presentations.

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