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Use of JavaScript

Article by Alice Hopkins

JavaScript is used as a casual language for programming. People get so much into trouble that they cannot find their way out. This is because of two main reasons. They use JavaScript for purposes it is not meant for or the other reason otherwise is that the browser is not companionable.

I would advise you to, first of all keep in mind, before you even think of using JavaScript you are not to use the language for any complicated task. Use it for navigation even that a simple one, or use it for an image flip. I have asked you to do so because when using JavaScript, you cannot rewrite to the file and thus information for other pages cannot be saved. Information needs to be saved however, foe guest books, message boards, counters and statistical records etc. For such purposes use CGI scripts.

Using JavaScript, the second problem that could be is that of browsers being inappropriate. There are many programming techniques through which it can import both browsers i.e. the user end and the back end. Getting into DHTML makes programming complicated to a further extent. Both the browsers if, fall onto same standards, can be compatible. It is important to have both browsers of same standards. If you are willing to bring about a color change, you can do it using your mouse. If you have INTEXP4+, it is not necessary that you can perform the task in a similar way using Netscape 4+.

Briefing all I have said there are just two things to remember. Use JavaScript for simple jobs only. If there is more of complicated work to be done, go for CGI scripts or ASP or PHP. JavaScript should be used for only an image flip or a simple navigation purpose.

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