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Effective Designing - What To Do?

Article by Alice Hopkins

Every form of life, every aspect of it is best if organized. All tasks can be done effectively whether programming or arts or designing, if done with organization. We are concerned about design here.

For designing the A in its alphabetical order is to know what is that you aim to design for. What is your task? Is it to make an advertisement, or a banner or newsletter? Without a target no task can be done efficiently. If you are not clear about what your objective is, you won’t be able to reach the target.

Make a plan of what you have to do. Jot down points that are main, add other points as well. A plan is always in short points. Write everything that strikes your mind. Now make the basis of your design. Organize your plan now. Write down the points in order. If it is presentations think of new ideas of design that are creative, show your capabilities and reflect your theme. Your jotted down points will be of use here. You will know the points to cover in your design from the plan you have made. Do remember to keep simple points as every one is not equally creative and may not be able to get to the core through too much creativity. Cover your points in descending order of importance.

Designing an ad is not to make attractive lines but it includes details and these details are the overall effect of it. If there are too many details, viewers are not able to decide what to go through first. A good design consists of details that help the reader reach the point of focus. So if you are not satisfied by the addition of a detail, do not add it. Keep your details simple and use a basic pattern to make readers able to understand you and your design.
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