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Solving The Screen Resolution Issue

Article by Alice Hopkins

Websites do have fabulous designs but to take a view of everything, we need to use scroll bars. This is because people usually have the 640x480 pixel supporting resolution. If there is a wide limit of your audience, you need to make a website that everyone can read with ease and look at the entire page in one glance without using scrollbars.

Webmasters should not design pages of high resolution like 1024x786… it makes it difficult to view the page without the usage of a 2-way scroll. Webmasters should realize that the websites they design do not appear the same on all computers. It is not the fault of the web master. He designs on his latest computer. But for those who are aware of the results of doing so loose visitors because of not using a small graphic.

Graphics wider than 600/620 pixels will need a horizontal scrollbar at low resolutions. It can be frustrating if the scrollbar needs to be used every 5/10 seconds. People may also ignore or not realize the hidden content. What a big loss it would be! Webmasters should at least make sure that the main text can be seen by a 640x480 pixel monitor viewer. If they have a targeted audience, they can of course design according to the predicted resolution.

Now lets come from criticism to a solution. I would advise use of graphic width less than 600 pixels and to not define the <HR> tag and tables of more than the width mentioned. Put your contents in a table composed of width less than or equal to 600 pixels. Tables may be positioned at the center and also be aligned on either left or right hand side (if Style Sheets and DHTML features are being used).

You never know what size the viewer has set for the window. So it’s likely to advise to use a table with width % in place of pixels. This will resize the content according to the window size.

The entire concept is to avoid scroll bars being used and for this remember not to exceed 600 pixel width.

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