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Table Problems And Their Simple Solutions

Article by Alice Hopkins

After loading a site have you ever found a blank page in place of a table you had been expecting? If you check your table codes you’d be missing out </TABLE>, <TR> tags. Missing these tags can cause other problems as well. Check your codes and fill in the missing tags to make your table visible.

1. A lot of unnecessary space in tables is due to <BR> or <P> tags in places where not needed. These may be outside the <TD> and</TD> tags. Avoid such coding like:

<TR>for new table rows use only<TR> tags.
<BR>to make content in cell use <BR> between <TD> & </TD> tags & not outside them
<TD>for more content write</TD>
Here <BR> tag is put in unnecessarily.

2. Always remember to nest tables i.e. to put one table in another to as minimized limit as possible. It makes a complex coding and it becomes difficult to find mistakes to set them right. If you need a nesting table, use indentions for your codes. Try a format like this. This makes the coding easier to understand and correct.


3. Check your cell spacing and cell padding if there is a wide gap between the edges. Check them with the <TABLE> tag. Set them both to 0 to cancel any space around table contents.

<TABLE cellspacing=”0” cellpadding=”0”>

4. Some tables are defined in percentages. They become wide or thin with the browser or size of the browser window. Such tables are used for more of text where precise formats are not needed. Now here you can make use of the advantage of adding as much text as you want not concerning the screen size. Depending on your layout your text is readable even on small windows. But for high and low screen widths your table may appear unattractive. So using this method do check your table look for different screen widths. And also check out for heights.

5. Coming to pixel set up width screen size does not affect the table size. You are now sure of how your table will look. On the other hand you may leave wide spaces for those at high resolutions and also the chance exists of horizontal scrollbars to those having small screen widths. There will be dreadful results then. Most often they are set at 600 pixels for 640x480 pixel width windows. This will make your table look much better except for some spaces found in the high resolutions.

There are many more matters to be answered. However these are good enough to be applied first.

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