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9 Step Site Building

Article by Alice Hopkins

Without wasting time in an introductory paragraph I want to start straightforwardly. Following are the nine simple steps of building a website:

1. First of all you have to give a thought for an idea to click your mind, to topic to write up on. Think of what you want to write and for what reason. Are you writing something of people’s interest?

2. Now think of what style you have to write in. What colors are you planning to use. What would be your content layout? Colors are an important issue to be worked up on. Make the right choice of colors and make sure whatever colors you have chosen they make reading easy for the visitors. For avoiding any blunders draw a model on a piece of paper or an image file.

3. Hosting can be done free if cost by a number of available sites. It is not necessary that you spend money on hosting. But free hosting may at times give a banner or a pop up giving an unprofessional look. However, it is your choice to either save or spent. If you are running a business it is good if you have your own xyz.com domain.

4. Now that is not of course all. To make a high quality web site you must know at least the basics of HTML. There are a lot of editors you can use but I would recommend HTML. Everyone makes a lot of faults and these can only be avoided if you learn how to use HTML. Now write for your site.

5. Now you have to check on how much your site consumes to load. Is it having an easy navigation or not? Check your language. Is it understandable without any grammatical mistakes? Does your site have something special or anything that is of great need and use of people? Your content needs to be of class.

6. Now, it’s time to redo your web page. Go through all of it. Repeat the previous step of checking things done. Is every aspect satisfactory? First of all check yourself if you are happy to visit the page. Consult your family or friends to give wise opinions.

7. This was your first page. Now make the others. Make an organized tree plan. Move along every page in order. Moreover give them all a similar feel to relate not only the content but look as well to the main page you have made. You can do this by giving them all the same color scheme or background or layout.

8. Once you are finished with your site go through it page wise. Satisfied? Upload it to your chosen host to let people make use of it. Your site has been promoted now.

9. Your last step may be the most difficult one if you are really excited for your creation. Wait for visitors to come. Keep your site up-dated every week. Bring any change in content that is needed relevantly. You have to maintain your site now until you want visitors to come back again and again.

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From the time I made a request for WebDesignGuru to contact me to this morning when the new website was uploaded the service has been exemplary. My skills are not technical but the whole process has been an example of extremely good customer support and care.

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