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Use Universal Fonts In Web Designing

Article by Alice Hopkins

What range of fonts does your computer have? Probably the same old ones: Cursive, Times New Roman, and Georgia etc. Availability of types of fonts depends on the Window version, the browser and the program being used.

Fonts are of different types, some having only slight differences between them examples being Verdana which is a bit open and Tahoma which is the same except that it is a bit condensed.

But every font is to be used for texts in accord to their layout. Lets take for instance* “Comic Sans MS”. It is a font that could be used by children for making school assignments whereas “Times New Roman” is a font type that gives a bookish look and could be used in writing articles on some sober topic. For every extract that is written there is a different audience. Every issue reveals a different feeling. Fonts should be used accordingly.

When making a layout, we also have the capability of either writing in *italic, * bold or* underlined versions. This enables to present a heading, sub heading or any word distinctively. To make *headings obvious we can set desired font sizes. * Sub headings could be of a smaller size comparatively and the matter even smaller. This adds to the opulence of the page.

Nevertheless, font use is limited as some fonts are suitable for screens only while others solely for prints. The curves seen on the screen may not be as good looking on a print page because the pixels may become obvious. On the other side of the coin, fonts of straight lines give well in printouts. Next are some font types with brief description of their use. You may notice their differences.

*Trebuchet-for screen display.

*Verdana –for screen display.
*Tahoma- slightly different than Verdana.

*Comic Sans MS-curved look.

*Times new Romans-for print.

As mentioned before, fonts may be observed having only slight differences. For the reason being they are categorized into families. A model is:
Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, Serif.

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