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Colors of Web Sites

Article by Alice Hopkins

Numerous web designers have been noticed to ignore color scheming and selection when designing websites. How can the word designing not relate or depict colors? Without a proper and sound selection of colors, your website may result either as one that is too boring to go through or a very pale one not satisfying the eye. Colors will change the mood reflection of the entire web page. Color selection needs proper concern and attention.

Some browsers however, can see 256 colors. The point is that most of them (browsers) share only 216- colors pallets. Going beyond this limit you will be using colors not known by the browser. The browser will then mix colors. For displaying an approximately same color, the browser will take small dot samples. This action of the browser is dithering. At times these captured dots will not show a clear vision. If there is content on the dithered color, it is very difficult to read through. So always use browser safe colors.

Eyes perform muscular functions and therefore get tired. Try this test to clarify the concepts. Visit http://www.designmore.com/ctesta.htm. Did your eyes see a white box? Was it bluish green color? If not, visit the site again.

Let me explain what’s happening. Your eyes have millions of light sensing nerve cells called rods and cones. When you see the red box the cones detect red wavelength. They get tired then. The opposite cones come into action and you see a bluish green color. You know now how science works in your website.

An example to make points clear is the yellow caution sign you can see often. Yellow is bright and thus strains the eye. It is most catchy. Using such colors in ads and banners will help immediately catch the eye of the visitor. But also too many bright colors will irritate the visitor. Use them in moderation. Such colors like red can be used on focus areas but not on large portions of the page. Large portions of red/yellow like colors can attract the attention but very soon tire the visitors. This will force out the traffic to avoid visiting your site. So delete such color usage from your list and try to be more users friendly.

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