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People Use Internet to Save Time - Do Not Waste It

Article by Alice Hopkins

Every media version has a different way of its composition, a different layout and a different technique to use. Websites are usually observed to have a television layout with graphics and sound. Websites are not that broadly limited. The viewer does not expect from a web page to act too smart.

As a web designer, use 28.8KB connection. A viewer imagines a page of 216 colors only with 28.8KB per second download. Make an average sized page not exceeding 50KB. Yahoo, one of the best websites is only 20KB! You can do as much in just 20KB, if Yahoo can, why can’t you? Try to make a page that downloads as quickly as possible.

To add as much as possible in just less than 50KB, use small graphics only, if you can, of less than 4-6 KB. Use web safe color pallet. You have to confine your self to 216 colors only. More the color in an image, bigger it is and more time it takes to download. A border image takes about 8-12KB, where would the whole image Ks go then! Just imagine. Photoshop has made the gradient very usual in use but it’s Ks aren’t worth just a border!

To add art, make more of designs than colors. You must be knowing at least that to have a successful web page it needs to be good in look and function. So for its look, as I have imposed on you a few restrictions, a better option is to play with color schemes instead. Make use of the negative space on your web page. If you have less to put in, think of yourself as a visitor and see what is needed to make good sales. Always keep in mind people use internet to save time and not to waste it on downloads.

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I am writing to compliment you and your Company on the web design services provided through WebDesignGuru.

From the time I made a request for WebDesignGuru to contact me to this morning when the new website was uploaded the service has been exemplary. My skills are not technical but the whole process has been an example of extremely good customer support and care.

Mike J McGraw - Director
Development Initiatives Limited