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Make Quickly Loading Sites

Article by Alice Hopkins

If it is a personal page you may not worry how long it takes to load. But for businesses, or for pages that are meant to give information to people, it is an issue of concern. Pages for these purposes, if take too long to load, consequently decrease the number of visitors.

Always remember, it is not necessary that everyone use ISDN, TI or cable connections for Internet. Of the very advanced versions still people do have less than 56K modems. When web designing, we must keep in mind these points so as to make a page that loads quickly.

Consider bandwidth first. It is advisable to take out any multi-media form from your page. It will increase the file size to a great extent. For example, a 30 seconds wave sound takes around 140K. Until and unless it is necessary to have a video and any form of multi-media, try to stay away from it. If it takes too long to load it creates boredom. People may react by closing the window or click ”back” or “refresh” or “stop”. So, it is good to keep a small size of file.

Large images take a lot of time to load. It takes too long that usually people close the page. Give your images small dimensions so as to reduce their file size. Click onto the image editing program and select new dimensions for your image. Resize it into a smaller one. There is an opportunity of compressing image size and still making it look good. Special services are available on web to reduce image file size.

Apply this. Make small file size images and add them on to the front page. For the next pages, use the same images as before. Once the first page is loaded, and the next page commanded for, the browser will immediately load the images as they are already in its cache. Now you need not worry about images on you r next pages.

One more idea is to define image height and breadth so that the browser lesser time to adjust everything as it loads, because the space for the images is already verified.

If your front page is as small as possible, better it is for you. Small pages will load quickly. Add links to it for further information. This will also save time.

Make a quick loading site now and feel the ease and pleasure to use it.

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