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Cancel Out the Margins

Article by Alice Hopkins

From the time when HTML documents first came into being, they have been made with margins. These margins act like a pad to protect the edges of the browser and the inner content. Margins do serve good but why use them if they are not needed in some cases. If a page is designed such that it needs no margin, the question arises; how to erase them?

People usually think this is impossible. In reality, it is true to some extent but can of course be done. Margins can be eliminated in IE3+ and NS4+ only.

For eliminating margins in IE3+ use IE exclusive “left margin” and “top margin”. Here’s what to do;
<body leftmargin=”0” topmargin=”0”> Doing this you can eliminate the margins; the content will come between the edges of the browser.

For eliminating a documents margin in NS4+, use its exclusive “margin width” and “margin height” instead. Do as follows;

<body marginwidth=”0” margin height=”0”>

Put together both the techniques to cancel out margins in IE3+ and NS4+.

<body leftmargin=”0”topmargin=”0”marginwidth=”0”marginheight=”0”>

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