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Web Awards Are Not That Difficult to Win

Article by Alice Hopkins

Being appreciated for hard work makes one feel on top of the world. You must have often seen sites that have received awards. Why not yours? Your site is not that bad. In fact it must be highly appreciable. If you have put in a lot of effort in your site and yet, not been awarded for it, do not lower your neck in disappointment. You must not know for sure, that to get an award you need to apply for it.

You can apply for awards through many sites on the Internet. Some of them will allow non-commercial sites only whereas others only corporate websites. Several of them disapprove java-applets and some allow just non-frame sites. People who give no importance to the criterion face problems like being disapproved. They cannot think of the reason to why, but it is merely because they have left out reading carefully.

Here are a few sources of good help to guide you to how to start; Awardsites.com, Lycos Top5, Golden Web Award.com, Net Guide and one of the most glamorous and honorable is Cool site of the day.com. Winners of award from this site are likely to get more hits.

If you have not been awarded, follow the following tips to make web designing more fun and interest bearing.

To win an award it is for sure that your site must be free of errors and that it should be somewhere special. To make your site special make sure there are no 404 errors and that the site is finished with no under constructions.

Check if your graphics are complete. There are already so many sites being sent as a nominee. Thus, keep your loading time short to avoid resistance to seeing your site. There should be good content in there until and unless you are to run a link-exchange site.

If your request has not been responded quickly do not send loads of requests.

To get additional hits for your site it has to be good enough to win an award first. However, once you win an award from a prestigious site, you can easily get hold of more hits.

So you see it is not that difficult to win a web award.

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