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Article by Alice Hopkins

Sites are often seen taking time to load. At times there is a blank page in front of you and the entire page is loaded in one go. But for some, names I would not mention you see the background only. After a few minutes the rest is loaded and displayed on screen. in this article I will help you overcome and avoid this blunder of yours.

To make websites effective and good in opulence they are made using tables. Some sites are made having numerous tables of content while dividing one table into new divisions makes others. The tip is to use tables separately if there are a lot of graphics to be put in. the tables should be used to split the content into parts.

For any thing you study or do you should know the logic behind it. You should therefore very clearly know how browsers read tables.

For a HTML document the browser displays pictures and content as they load by time i.e. refer to my second example of sites in the beginning. The first example of the site kind I referred to in the beginning was the one made with tables. Display is done once everything is loaded. Loading time depends on the graphics used. A large graphic can change seconds into minutes. Therefore, using the above information we conclude large graphics should be split into separate tables with cell placing padding and border set to 0.

Another way is to make two tables, at the top and one at the bottom. Top one should obviously be given the header info and logo while the other made with content. This helps keep the surfer busy to go through the first table meanwhile the second table loads.

One more trick of use is to make a table and add more tables inside. At least the visitor can see the main contents while the inner tables load.

This makes time reduced. That’s all for a quicker site! If you follow my tips you can make a site quick to load and win visitor’s satisfaction. More visitors will come to see your site. Do be careful about one thing. Making tables does not mean you can ad in shock wave, java and Active X programs in it. They will take a lot of time to load. You can use Java script instead, it is a better choice.

If your site consumes a lot of time, make it better and quicker to use as visitors require a quick service from you.

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