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Who Is A Web Designer ?

Article by Alice Hopkins

People think web designers perform the entire task of making an ad or a web page. Web designing on its own is a vast job that is segregated into different parts. Designing an ad does not mean you are the one who has drawn the picture or written the text. But how to present it is the main part of designing.

The way we differentiate between data and information the same way we can define designing. Data is raw; it has no meaning for example 5. Information is what we get after processing the data i.e. 5 apples. Like wise drawing, picture and text are raw forms. Processing them in a way that makes them meaningful is what we call designing.

You can perform all tasks on your own but if you are in the world of professionalism you will soon realize that web designing is a complicated job and is divided into the following categories.

The first job to be mentioned here is that of a Software Engineer well known in web designing as Web Developers. They are professionals in writing softwares for computers. Their field includes artificial intelligence as well. However relating them to the topic, they are like compiler mechanics. Web developers are people who work as software engineers for web technologies. High-level programmers make simple scripts like Java script and need to be sharp in mathematics.

Now comes a very difficult to perform task that of a graphic designer. A graphic designer has to make sure that the web page designed will appear the same on every computer. I have told you before in other articles that due to different versions of browsers being used pages appear differently on screens. It is not to deal with using Flash and Photoshop effectively but how to communicate at concealed levels giving more meaning to words visually.

Who will decide for the font type and size n color? It is the web typographer. He is responsible for the typefaces and their accurate curves and all. But again, how will it appear on other screens? Another question arises, how will it appear if it is taken for a print? Well concerning this what web typographers specialize in is accuracy in font types and sizes. They know what curves, colors and types to use.

Information and news in is not given in the same style and pattern on web pages as in books. Things need to be compact and to the point. A web writer is one who knows how to tell the story in concise and uses worldwide standard grammar and language.
A web master will act as a manager of the web. He will point any problems occurring in the web page. He has to manage its operation.

A site architect will arrange the pages in order. He will decide which page is to be the next one. All have to co-relate. They manage the added styles to work with functionality.

Flash designers will have to decide upon not only using Flash but in accordance to the situation the more suitable tool for designing. This is because flash is not suitable in all conditions and may become hideous.

Last but not the least I would prefer mentioning the usability expert who encourages the team to design competitive web pages for their sites. He makes the team work with uniqueness.

So who are you? What part of web designing do you fall in? And what part do you want to specialize in?

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