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Article by Alice Hopkins

I have seen people avoiding frame use on their pages. They tend to make mistakes in using them and in the end the page gets spoilt. It’s just the matter of using the tools acceptably. Some browsers are also not able to afford frames but they are only a few now.

We often see sites having frames followed by recurring frames and scrollbars. This shouldn’t happen in real. It gives an unprofessional look to the page. I did not say scrollbars shouldn’t be used. They are needed for overflowing data but if the design and data is well organized they should be avoided to maximum. Scrollbar use should be minimized. If scrollbars are off it means you have fixed your frame size and anything overflowing from your frame size won’t be seen i.e. it would be clipped.

If text is added to a frame it is good if you use a table so as to give a limit to its breadth. Only a vertical scrollbar will be used then. Now, no matter how much data you put in, it will not overflow horizontally but be added to its vertical height. This makes the page easy to use and less annoying. For graphics we know the pixel and image size. Graphics if put in a frame, have less chances to overflow.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape illustrate frames in a slightly different magnitude and location. The Netscape clips some frames even if the specification is given.

That was enough of negative aspect. Frames are not so horrifying as they may seem to you uptill now. First of all if frames are worked upon, as it should be they give a professional and neat look. Once frames are added to your web page or site, they make it easy to navigate different portions and therefore it becomes easier to use, as things are clear. Java script variables are passed on other pages through cookies but if frame are used this can be done easily. Bandwidth can be reduced by saving functions in one frame.

When HTML coding is done a frame-set is coded which is actually the main page including codes for all the frames being used. The frame-set will denote frame size and locality. You also have the opportunity to code for non-framed texts on the frame-set.

When coding for frames we number the frames. They are considered as a family where frame [0] is the parent frame. Frame [1], [2] are the children. This numbering will help recognize frames easily.

Using frames is not so difficult. It is just the matter of using them appropriately.

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