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Key Points To Logo Type

Article by Alice Hopkins

Logos are not only a draft of company’s name but are made as its identity. In a meeting you may see the owner speaking of his company conveying you the message of his company’s reliability and services. He may speak of his type and quality. There is always a limit to everything. He cannot speak to the entire world. So what he does is appoint a designer to design a logo for him. Then onwards it is the logo that speaks in place of his. Logos are a way to communicate his message 24 hours. The logo is made to represent the company’s traits. This is where the whole story lies. Logos are thus very, very significant.

Now, for designing a logo it is important to keep in mind the attributes that the company possesses. Not only this but also the characteristics that it does not possess must be remembered. Logos should then be made accordingly. If the logo looks alike some other logo, it showers a bad impact on the viewers. If it is meaningless, it will convey no message to people. However, meaningless logos are also seen around like that of MERCEDES. The three points indicate land, sea and air. A layman wouldn't even think of this by looking at it. People don’t know what the logo means. It is just an identification of the car. Still it is well recognized all over. Can you think of what the logo of CRESIDA depicts? Logos should be such that they need not be explained. Because you cannot stand beside to explain it or write an article to explain what it means. Logos are to be seen by a number of people and should be clear in communication. Once seen carefully they should be able to clearly communicate the idea they aim to represent.

Some logos of the same market can have similar looks. Many Champaign bottles have similar logos having golden backgrounds with a signature on it or be it a name or picture. Likewise many cars have designs in a circle.

One good point I have for you is that for names that are not easy to remember or even pronounce, their logos should be made having a sign or image to recognize them easily. Just writing the name in style won’t make people comfortable to remember it. If an image would be added people will be familiar to it. On the other hand, for names easy to pronounce a simple logo could work effectively for example LIPTON.

The above talked about points should necessarily be given thought of and applied when designing a logo. When a logo is complete revise it carefully. Does your designed logo depict what you were aiming it to? Is it unique? The colors, font and design; are they new to ‘look’ at (not necessarily to be new)? Think before you ink.

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