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Article by Alice Hopkins

There is a bridge between marketing and selling that makes them two different aspects. To sell, you need to have a good reason to not force but attract and/or convince people to buy. You need to use your deepest creativity skills inside to come up with an idea no one has come before. An idea such, that makes your market distinctive.

Giving opulence to your presentation does help your agency to win a client’s confidence in you as it gives evidence that you know the work but, likewise, to sell, you need to sell your ideas, dig into yourself and present your creativity because you cannot afford a good will loss by failing to sell using ideas that are common and repeated. To avoid such loss, marketing strategies should be made carefully by not specifically degree certifieds but ones who are practically experienced and possess talents, though I do give importance to graphics as well.

The following books are recommended to designers who have just entered the field. Reference to these books will help make effective designs on web. Books like” HTML Complete” consists of instructions and guidelines by number of writers. It is an affordable cheap book. It gives a detail of HTML AND XHTML concepts, tools in need and how the web works. Representation of a book does not reveal an image of its content. Another book that supports my word is “Cascading style sheets. The designers edge” by Moly E. Holzschlag. This book is one of the best ones to give lessons of how to deal with browser bugs. It also gives comprehensive notes on CSS theory. Lastly I would prefer freshers to go through “Designing websites for every audience” by Ilise Benun. This book will teach, as the name suggests, how to design a website that targets the appropriate audience. It will make you capable of designing a website that is well organized and user friendly. It consists of useful tips and advices that will help prevent errors.

Once given a thorough reading, these books will help improve graphics, however, to sell; we need to have creative people who can think different from others and those who possess graphic skills as well.
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